City Manager


We hope you feel welcome to contact us at any time to discuss current activities or if you have suggestions that could make our community even better. We are committed to the realization of our Mission Statement:

To enhance and maintain Imperial Beach as ‘Classic Southern California’; a beach oriented community with a safe, small town, family atmosphere, rich in natural and cultural resources.


The City Manager and the Management Team are selected by the City Council to implement the policies and regulations adopted by the City Council using the various resources of the City. We are eager to help residents, visitors and applicants navigate City processes to achieve positive outcomes for the community. 

The City Manager is the connection between the elected officials and the staff in addition to providing oversight of all public safety activities in the City. The Assistant City Manager, who is also the Community Development Director makes sure that all physical aspects of the City are in good order including maintenance of all roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure, together with managing all development activities in the City. The Deputy City Manager tends to the administrative functions of the City including financial oversight and management of Human Resources.