Programs in the Parks

The City of Imperial Beach has experienced a growing demand for the use of parks and beach areas by a variety of commercial and non-profit entities, including health/fitness providers, dog trainers, yoga instructors, and other outdoor professional service providers. In order to effectively manage the commercial and non-profit use of parks and beaches, Imperial Beach Parks and Recreation Department has established a "Programs in the Parks" application process for all classes and programs being administered by non-city staff.

About Programs in the Parks

Programs in the Parks will allow those instructors interested in teaching classes or programs in Imperial Beach parks and beaches an opportunity to become contract instructors and teach approved classes and programs in an outdoor classroom experience. 

Goal of Programs in the Parks

1. To increase and encourage outdoor recreation participation and improve overall health and wellness for ALL ages!

2. To encourage recreation and leisure opportunities in City of Imperial Beach parks and beaches.

3. To increase communication opportunities with Imperial Beach residents related to park and beach programs.

4.To promote successful partnership opportunities between the City and local program providers.

5. To implement a process that ensures the safety of patrons through educating providers on the importance of having a proper business license, insurance and other requirements.

For More Information

Are you interested in facilitating a program in a local City park or beach area? For more information contact the Parks, Recreation and Community Service Department

Class Proposal Form

Programs in the Parks Pamphlet (PDF)

Current Permitted Programs