Park Reservation Permit

Reservation Information

  • Park Use applicants must be 18+ years old.
  • Applications must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to your event date and can be made up to 6 months in advance. Plan ahead as our parks can fill up fast!
  • Park reservations do not include the use of sports fields or adjacent facilities, which may simultaneously be occupied by other permitted groups.
  • Please have your permit accessible on the day of the event.
  • Park use permits are not allowed for Portwood Pier Plaza. We have designated beach locations, no permitting is available outside of the designated areas.
  • A computer kiosk is available at City Hall to complete the application if needed.
Fee Item Cost (subject to change)
Application Processing Fee $75
Daily Park Rental (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) $25 residents | $50 nonresident
Air Jump $25 residents | $42 nonresident
Sound Amplification (battery powered only) $36
Tent Structure (more than 200 square feet total) $200
Cleaning Fee $45
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  3. Apply In Person
  4. CancelLations, Adjustments & Refunds

Park Rules

View the park rules and regulations page.

Important notice

You must be at least 18 years old to reserve a park or obtain a permit for City of Imperial Beach Parks & Beach. Be sure to bring your permit with you on the day of your event. Parks & Recreation staff may request this document at any time during your event.

Approved Service Vendors

  • All event services are required to have a City of Imperial Beach business license and fulfill our insurance requirements. This includes air jump companies, food trucks/carts, etc.
  • All event services must be pre-approved and added to your reservation at least 7 business days in advance.
  • Slides that exit on the outside of an air jumper are required to have a stopper that is attached to the jumper.
  • Air Jump generators cannot have any other device plugged into them. Additional generators are allowed, as long as they are not placed directly on the grass (on a piece of wood, etc) and they are not refueled on the grass.

Interested in becoming a park-approved service provider?

A City of Imperial Beach Business License, Certificate of Insurance, and Additional Insured Form CG2026 (PDF) are required. If you'd like to become an authorized vendor for services such as air jumps and other similar vendor services, please contact us.

View a list of approved service vendors.