Commercial Filming & Photography Permit

If you are planning to do commercial filming or photography in the City of Imperial Beach, you will need to submit an application for both public and private property. If you are planning to use a drone, please provide proof of your Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) license and obtain permission through Naval Base Coronado to enter their airspace.

  1. Business License
  2. Insurance
  3. Service Providers

All organizations or businesses must obtain a City of Imperial Beach business license to conduct business in Imperial Beach. Pro tip, do this early!

Ready to get a business license? Our Finance Department is ready and waiting to help make the process easy and breezy.

Commercial Filming & Photography Fees

Fee Item Fee (subject to change)
Application Processing Fee (>7 days) $250 
Application Processing Fee (<7 days and >3 days) $500
Application Processing Fee (<3 days) $750
Sound Amplification $36 per day
Commercial Activity $25 per hour
Road Closure $150 per day
Reserved Parking $25 per day
Safety Inspection $200
Tidelands Staff Support $107 per hour
Other Staffing Fees Deemed Necessary Varies

How to Apply?