Storm Water Code Enforcement

The City implements a stormwater code enforcement program to actively detect and eliminate illicit discharges and illegal connections to the stormwater conveyance system. 

Illegal Connections

Illegal connections include:

  • Discharge of grey water to the City right-of-way
  • Non-permitted connections of drainage pipes or sump pumps to the stormwater conveyance system 

Illegal Discharges

Illegal discharges include:

  • Over-irrigation runoff
  • Trash or debris in the City right-of-way
  • Wash water leaving the property from any residence or business
  • Discharge of any liquid or material into the stormwater conveyance system

Reporting Violations

The public is encouraged to notify the City of any suspected stormwater violations by calling the Storm Water direct line at 619-424-4095 or through the online report form.


Pet Waste Regulations FAQs (PDF)