Construction Management

The City requires the implementation of stormwater best management practices (BMP) to control and reduce the discharge of pollutants from construction activities. Construction management BMP applies to any private development project applicant that needs a demolition, grading, or building permit, and all contractors for City capital improvement projects. Project applicants are required to submit a Storm Water Management Plan or an equivalent Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan as required under the Construction General Permit prior to the issuance of permits or a notice to proceed from the City.

If you are doing any construction in the City, you should have in mind that there are certain requirements as follows: 

  1. Construction Permits (mandatory for all projects) 
  2. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP is mandatory for Project Development Process (PDP) projects)   
  3. Waste Management Plan (if applicable)
  4. Stormwater BMPs around the construction site (they all must be functional for the duration of the project, and applies to all projects) 

Routine inspections will be part of the project, either the Building Inspector or the Storm Water inspector will visit your construction site at any time.

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