Street Sweeping

The City of Imperial Beach street sweeping scheduled was resumed on May 1, 2021.

The City provides street sweeping through its franchise waste hauler (EDCO). The City sweeps a total of 130 curb miles per month, which provides full coverage of the entire City as follows: 

  • Weekly sweeping of commercial areas that include open striped and raised curb medians (Palm Avenue, Highway 75, 13th Street, Imperial Beach Boulevard, Seacoast Drive, and Ocean Lane) 
  • Twice per month sweeping of beachfront areas that include enforcement of posted parking restrictions along the sweeping route. 
  • Monthly sweeping of non-beachfront residential areas, paved alleys, and parking facilities.

Street Sweeping Schedule (PDF) 

Note: The County's Sheriffs Department is responsible for enforcing the street sweeper public parking regulations.