Imperial Beach Community Resilience Plan

Planning for a Resilient &
Thriving Imperial Beach

kingtide22 1-18-19

Come join us for a Workshop on Saturday, January 20, 2024  from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm at the Imperial Beach Library!

Please join us to learn about the Community Resilience Plan and provide feedback on how we can preserve community access to the beach, estuary and Bay, and stop flooding in the city!

What is the project and why are we doing the IB CRP?

As a low-lying coastal community that is bounded by water on three sides, the City of Imperial Beach is vulnerable to natural hazards such as coastal flooding that can disrupt the resident’s daily lives and local business operations. Flooding may also reduce City services and impact critical infrastructure. The State of California encourages cities to plan and prepare for projected increases in the impacts from coastal flooding and inundation.

The Imperial Beach Community Resilience Plan (IB CRP) would create an adaptation management and monitoring plan/program that include strategies to address flooding impacts, encourage nature-based solutions, and adequately addresses the needs of residents that currently experience flooding are projected to be substantially impacted by future coastal flooding.

Keep Up to Date with the Project

Over the next year, there will be numerous opportunities for the Imperial Beach community to follow the progress of this project and participate in its design and development. Please visit the Imperial Beach Community Resilience Plan Project website for updates.