Code Compliance Division

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The primary responsibility of the Code Compliance Division of the Community Development Department is to respond to and investigate citizen complaints of violations of the City Municipal Code, with an emphasis on voluntary compliance. Code Compliance works together with other city departments: Planning and Zoning; Building; Public Safety (including Animal Control); Public Works; and the Sheriff Department to encourage and enforce adherence to State Building Codes, State Health & Safety Regulations, and the Imperial Beach Municipal Code. The Code Compliance Division responds to complaints against private and commercial property. The goal of the Code Compliance Division is to educate and assist Imperial Beach citizens to enhance their neighborhoods and quality of life through cooperation, involvement, and community spirit in our “Classic Southern California” community.

Code Violations

Some examples of code violations encountered by the Code Compliance Division are:

  • Lack of rental business license (where applicable)
  • Illegal construction and construction without permits
  • Rental housing maintenance (health and safety issues)
  • Animal control
  • Abandoned vehicle abatement
  • Zoning issues
  • Overgrown vegetation, parking off a paved surface, trash container storage, and other substandard or hazardous conditions on a property

The Code Compliance Division accepts complaints by phone, or in person. Complaints may not be anonymous but are kept confidential.

Investigation of Complaints

Following the submission of a complaint, the Code Compliance Division investigates and may issue door hangers, notices of violation, courtesy notices, and other methods to encourage compliance. At times, voluntary compliance to a notice of municipal code violation is not reached, and the Code Compliance Division must resort to the issuance of Administrative Citations, which include fines and other means, such as property liens and abatement with recuperation costs assessed against the property.

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