Planning a Special Event

The City of Imperial Beach Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department (PRCS) Special Events Team strives in helping events that bring the community together to take place safely and successfully on its streets and in its parks. This team processes applications for review by the appropriate City Departments and assists event organizers through the permitting process for events that happen within the City of Imperial Beach. 

Read the below information and then apply for a special event permit. 

Types of Special Events

Tier I Event

An event with minimal set up, no alcohol, no ticket or entry fee required, and does not interfere with regular park or beach operations or use.  Examples: Community Fishing Derby, Kids Sandcastle event on beach

Tier II Event

Events that are open to the public, no ticket for entry, minimal set up required, a private nonprofit fundraising/community event. Events use a portion of park or beach but not entire footprint. Examples: Festival with free admission, health fair, free community park concert

Tier III Event

Ticketed event, extensive set up, controlled access and exclusive use. Events are typically booked in Pier Plaza and use a significant portion or all the space at a park or beach location. Examples: Concerts, marathon, food and beer/wine festivals, large scale events, car shows 
  1. What is a special event?
  2. Planning an event
  3. Types of Permits
  4. Event Faq's
  5. Event Fees
  6. Special Event Policies

A Special Event is any organized event including, but not limited to, large scale events such as races, parades, marathons and sporting events, concerts, fairs, community events, and any organized assembly of twenty-five (25) or more people on any public space, waterway, property, structure, or public right of way, owned or controlled by the City of Imperial Beach. Private events that impede on the public right of way may also require a permit.