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Before you begin filling out the necessary forms below and applying for a special event permit, please visit the Planning a Special Event Page to find out the different types of special events as well as special event FAQs and event fees. 

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We created a comprehensive list of additional forms, templates, and examples to help make applying for a permit as simple as possible. We know planning an event can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you through the process and never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

A complete application form, layout map, and application fee payment for all events must be received no later than ninety (90) days prior to your event but can be submitted up to one year in advance.  Event dates are on a first come first serve basis, so we highly encourage you to submit your complete application, layout map, and application fee payment as early as possible.  

Events held in Portwood Pier Plaza, Dunes Park, on the beach, in the ocean, or any road closure, will be taken before the City Council for approval no less than sixty (60) days prior to your event. Events are on a first come first serve basis and these are the most popular locations to host events so get your applications, layout map, and application fee payments in early!  

We have some requirements that will need to be met no matter the size or scope of the event. Thoroughly read through each section below to help out get ready to host your event in Imperial Beach.

Event Forms & Documents

A Special Event is any organized event including, but not limited to, large scale events such as races, parades, marathons and sporting events, concerts, fairs, community events, and any organized assembly of twenty-five (25) or more people on any public space, waterway, property, structure, or public right of way, owned or controlled by the City of Imperial Beach. Private events that impede the public right of way may also require a permit. 


  • Festivals/Fairs
  • Concerts
  • Races 
  • Community Events
  • Parades


  1. Application/Processing Fees
  2. Deposit 
  3. Rental or Use Fees
  4. Add-On Fees
  5. Amendment Fees

Click HERE Version OptionsSpecial Event PermitHeadline for a comprehensive list of Special Event Fees.

*Events booked at Port of San Diego locations may require additional fees (i.e. Pier Plaza, Dunes Park, or other beach locations)

*Commercial Vendors may be subject to additional fees in the permitting and rental process. 

Tier Levels



Tier I

An event with minimal set up, no alcohol, no ticket or entry fee required, and does not interfere with regular park or beach operations or use.

Community fishing derby, kids' sandcastle event on beach

Tier II

Open to the public, no ticket for entry, minimal set up required, a private nonprofit fundraising/community event. Events use a portion of park or beach but not entire footprint.

Festival with free admission, health fair, free community park concert

Tier III

Ticketed event, extensive set up, controlled access and exclusive use. Events are typically booked in Pier Plaza and use a significant portion or all the space at a park or beach location.

Concert, food and beer/wine festivals, large scale events, car shows

Additional Event Forms & Documents 

In addition to the documents already mentioned, there may be other requirements needed before a permit can be issued.

We strive to keep the Classic Southern California beach atmosphere in Imperial Beach. We bring events into the community that support our local businesses, so if you wish to have alcohol as part of your event please use one of our local establishments to provide libations. If you desire to apply for approval, please submit an ABC 221 form for review by the San Diego County Sheriff Department and the City Manager. If approved, licensed security is required.

Ready to apply?

If you think you have all the above items covered then you're ready to apply! You will not be able to submit your application until you upload all needed documents.

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