Banner Hanging Policy

The City banner poles are intended for local organizations to hang banners that advertise upcoming community-wide events.

City Policy covers the banner poles placed at Veterans Park and Triangle Park. If any of the regulations, procedures, or guidelines set forth in Policy 613 are not followed, City staff will remove the banner and keep it at City Hall for pick up. If banners are removed by City staff, they must be picked up within one week of notification of removal. If banners are not picked up, the City may recycle them for other uses. Banners may be subject to removal for maintenance or repair work or for public safety reasons.

If your banner is removed by City staff, we will need to contact you, so please include your phone number on the banner. If your information is not included, you will not receive a courtesy call of the removal, the banner will be disposed of after one week if not claimed.

Banner Size and Type

The banner size must be 3 feet high by 8 feet wide. If the banner is not the appropriate size, it will not be allowed on the poles. It is recommended the banner be constructed of some type of waterproof material such as vinyl, plastic, or canvas to prevent wear and tear. Grommets must be included at each corner to allow for proper installation.

Limitations on Placement

Each set of banner poles allows for 2 banners, your banner may only take up one spot. Banner placement is first come, first serve, no reservations are required or allowed. The banner must be hung to proper eye rings on banner poles. No tape or adhesive product may be used to affix the banner to the poles. If the banner is not installed properly, City staff will remove the banner.

A banner may be hung 2 weeks prior to the event date and must be taken down one day after the event date. If the banner is not removed one day after the event date, City staff will remove the banner. Only one banner per event or activity, per pole, is allowed.

Non-Eligible Banners

The following will not be allowed on the City's banner poles:

  • Any banner advocating a political or discriminatory point-of-view.
  • Any activity announcements of regular meetings / classes / lessons / clinics.
  • Any banner advertising religious events or containing religious speech.