Animal Control

San Diego Humane Website

The City of Imperial Beach contracts with San Diego Humane Society to provide animal services. These include humane law enforcement, lost and found, licensing, spay/neuter, vaccination clinics, microchip clinics and adoptions. San Diego Humane Society offers expanded service hours and coverage seven days a week. 

Contact Information

San Diego Humane Society:
General Information: 619.299.7012
Animal-Related Emergencies and Animal Cruelty: 619-299-7012 ext. 1
Lost and Found: 619-299-7012 or

The City of Imperial Beach is serviced by San Diego Humane Society’s Gaines Street Campus:

5500 Gaines Street, San Diego, CA 92110

For any human life-threatening situation, call 9-1-1

Call 619-299-7012 ext. 1 for animal-related concerns such as bites, suspected cruelty, neglect, injured animals or wildlife and stray animals running at large.

Humane Law Enforcement 

San Diego Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement has officers in the field seven days a week, handling a variety of animal cruelty complaints. Humane Officers get their enforcement powers from the California Corporations Code 14502, and can exercise the powers of a peace officer while investigating animal-related crimes. Humane Officers are appointed by the State and undergo substantial training in animal care, state humane laws and continue education throughout their careers.

San Diego Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement Department is responsible for responding to animal related calls for service from the public including picking up injured domestic animals, monitoring and responding to bites and enforcing rabies related quarantines, addressing dangerous domestic animal situations, investigating cruelty, abuse, neglect and more. 

For animal-related emergencies please call 619-299-7012 ext. 1 to reach San Diego Humane Society’s Humane Law Enforcement Dispatch. For non-urgent matters you may also email or fill out one of the forms below. 

Other Services for Residents

Dog Licensing

San Diego Humane Society has partnered with DocuPet to provide an enhanced pet licensing experience. Pet licenses can be purchased and renewed online. 

Visit to license your pet and pay your dog license fee.

Each DocuPet tag serves as a pet’s official license and comes equipped with the HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service, which relies on a dedicated full time dispatch staff and linked pet profiles to help get lost pets home quickly.

Dog Licensing:

Wild Animals 

If you find an injured, ill or orphaned wild animal, San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife program can help.

Leash Laws

Keeping dogs on leash when in public not only protects other animals and people, but it keeps them safe as well. It is illegal to walk your dog off leash unless you are in a designated off-leash area.

The law specifies that:

  • Dogs are required to be restrained at all times.
  • Away from home: a dog must be on leash unless he is in a designated off-leash area, like a beach or park.
  • At home: a dog must be restrained by a fence or other containment system.

Even if you are confident your dog will stay by your side without a leash, it could still make other dogs uncomfortable and put your dog in danger. Leash laws are in place to ensure the safety of dogs, humans and other animals. Violators maybe cited under Imperial Beach Municipal Code Section 6.04.060.