Pier Fishing

Fishing is a fun recreational activity for all to enjoy, and Imperial Beach has just the spot on our iconic wood pier! What better scenery could you have during your day fishing trip?

We do ask residents and visitors to follow a few guidelines to ensure everyone enjoys a good time!

  • Do not set up or cast a fishing line in areas on the pier that have been closed to fishing; 
  • Do not clean or cut up fish on the pier or plaza area, except at places provided for that purpose; 
  • Do not cast any fishing line or pole using above-rail casting or allow any lure, hook, or weight to pass inboard of the pier railing while casting; 
  • Do not fish by means of more than two poles off the pier at the same time. Fishing by means of a drop line or cord shall be construed and means the same as fishing by means of a pole; 
  • Do not litter by throwing fish, fish matter, bait, kelp, or other material on the pier or pier plaza or any part thereof or any of the buildings, structures, posts, standards, seats, tables or other equipment or other things constructed or placed thereon or thereunder; 
  • Do not bring onto or have in possession on the pier any bow and arrow, fishing spear, fishing spear gun, or similar underwater fishing device; 
  • Do not cast in the water adjacent to the pier or on the pier, a fishing line, lobster trap, crab trap, any mussel hook, or any other such device in such a manner as to create a hazard to any other person; 
  • The consumption of alcohol or the possession of an open container of alcohol - exception for patrons who purchase and consume alcohol at the Tin Fish restaurant at the West end of the Pier;
  • Do not use glass containers.