Office of Mayor and City Council

  1. IMG_0829-Aguirre (1)resize

    Paloma Aguirre


  2. IMG_0818-Leyba-Gonzalez (Resize)

    Matthew Leyba-González 

    Mayor Pro Tempore, District 4

  3. IMG_0857-McKay (Resize)


    Councilmember, District 3

  1. IMG_1963-Seabury (resize)

    carol seabury

    Councilmember, District 1

  2. IMG_0853-Fisher (Resize)

    Jack Fisher

    Councilmember District 2

Council Districts

In November of 2020, the City of Imperial Beach held the first district-based election for two members of the City Council, District 2 and District 4. In November of 2022, the other two City Council seats were elected by district for Districts 1 and District 3. Unlike the Mayor who is elected at large by obtaining the highest vote tally in the entire City, Councilmembers are elected by obtaining the highest vote tally in a geographically defined district. Each district is formed pursuant to applicable law to ensure participation in local government by all residents.

FPPC Form 700 Filings

The Mayor and City Council Members file their Statements annually and are available for public review upon request by visiting the City Clerk's Office at 825 Imperial Beach Blvd., Imperial Beach, CA 91932 or by contacting the City Clerk's Office at You may also obtain a copy of the Statement of Economic Interests directly from the Fair Political Practices Commission website.

City Council Meetings

Beginning in 2022, City Council, board and committee agendas and minutes can be found via eSCRIBE.

For City Council agendas and minutes prior to 2022, please contact the City Clerk's Dept. at

For board and committee agendas and minutes prior to 2022, view our Sharepoint folder.